More About Me

About Shu

Stephen Hsu, known as (Shu) by his friends and family, is licensed as a Managing Broker with 15 years of experience in real estate sales. Shu's approachable & professional attitude serves to put his clients and colleagues at ease knowing that they are in good hands. Shu grew up in the Puget Sound Area and is a Stadium High School Alumni!

Personal Touch

Shu takes a unique approach to real estate; he is focused on the needs of his clients and is willing to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Not only will he tell you about the positive aspects of each home, but he won’t be shy about the negative. Shu wants you to get the most out of your newly acquired home or investment property. Shu’s approach to communication is one of consistency, both throughout the purchase, and after it is completed; he wants to make sure that you are satisfied.


For Shu, real estate would not be the same without his team. His business is integrated with a preferred lender so he can oversee every step of the process and be accountable to his clients. He also wants to be flexible to the needs of his clients, developing relationships with other companies and vendors to ease signings and inspection processes.


Shu is happy to explain every phase of the process to you, he will explain things in an understandable manner. Shu not only wants to help you sell or buy a home, he also wants you to begin a relationship with someone you can trust.